Motor oil 20W-50 HIGH ULTRA DIESEL

Packing name: 1L
Packing name: 4L
A3/B4, E7

Completely top-grade motor oil designed to provide excellent protection for both gasoline, turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines, flex fuel gasoline engines, as well as to protect engines of light trucks and off-road vehicles under all operating conditions.

It is especially recommended for vehicles that operate at extreme temperatures or difficult driving conditions, such as towing a trailer. It is also recommended for use in gasoline-electric hybrids and four-stroke gasoline engines in other mobile or stationary equipment.
High-viscosity motor oil is designed for modern diesel engines of minibuses and trucks, light vehicles, including those operating on high-sulphur fuel, operates under severe conditions, even in extremely hot climates. It is based on mineral oils and modern additives. For use in a mixed fleet.