About company

AutoChemieBitterfeld GmbH is a European manufacturer of coolants and lubricants for vehicles. The company has a high-tech automated production located in the city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen in Germany.
AutoChemieBitterfeld GmbH manufactures and distributes worldwide a wide range of premium products: automotive oils, antifreezes, brake fluids and special purpose products. All products are manufactured only in Germany at the company's plant, which ensures 100% quality control and guarantees the identity of products for all customers, regardless of the country of location. The company actively cooperates with European manufacturers of additives, which guarantees the compliance of lubricants and cooling products with the requirements of world quality standards. The company applies a personalized approach to each consumer.

About AutoChemieBitterfeld GmbH in nominal terms

  • Products are presented on 5 continents.
  • 100% production automation.
  • More than 300 types of products for cars.

AutoChemieBitterfeld GmbH was founded in 2008 as an independent company with extensive international connections. Modern equipment and strict quality control at all stages of production allow the consumer to always receive products of the highest level. Today, our company's products can be purchased in various parts of the world: USA, UAE, China, Poland, Morocco, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Yemen, Kenya, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Russia, Macedonia, Georgia, Philippines.

Everything we do, we do for people

The client is always a key determinant for us, and everything we do is aimed at meeting the needs of the selected markets. We regard our client's success as our success. Therefore, we continue to improve to meet any new challenge. AutoChemieBitterfeld GmbH is not only a wide range of high quality products, but also many years of experience in research, service and our supply partnership, which makes us a strong partner. Our commercial partners around the world fully support us in this demand.


Our mission is to keep up with the automobile fans. We produce high-quality and inexpensive products that ensure the reliable operation of vehicles.


- Respect for natural resources and compliance with environmental policy in production.
- Ensuring a high level of product safety.


  • Commitment. Everything we do, we do for people.
  • Ecology. The company adheres to the highest world standards, using the environmental management system.
  • Technologies. We always strive for excellence. Openness in cooperation with society and concerned parties.
  • Honesty. Following its mission, the Company adheres to its main principles: respect and decency.


AutoChemieBitterfeld is a customer oriented company. One of the main areas of our activity is the manufacture of Private Label products. Our company has the ability to produce Made in Germany antifreezes and oils under your brand.

AutoChemieBitterfeld GmbH has a high-tech manufacturing facility. We actively cooperate with global manufacturers to improve the quality of oils, coolants and brake fluids. The products of some of the company's trademarks are their own developments that meet international standards. Modern production technologies, a wide range, guaranteed quality, optimal pricing policy, the experience of our partners allow us to be market experts for more than 10 years.