Our Brand

POLO EXPERT is synonymous with high quality and sophisticated production technologies. Today POLO EXPERT is a special worldview that gives confidence in the right choice. The products are manufactured at the modern plant of AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.


POLO EXPERT is a young, dynamically developing brand and a good balance of advanced European technologies and the best price.

POLO EXPERT products are able to satisfy the most demanding customer. Strength, swiftness, majestic beauty, devotion... An amazing combination! Only a horse can give a sense of the element of freedom lurking under the mane. The POLO EXPERT brand gives the same freedom. The elegant design of the canister of the Polo Expert brand attracts with the image of its symbol - the Trakehner horse.

The triumph of perfection and freedom of spirit are embodied in the products of the POLO EXPERT brand. 1958… It is this date that is indicated on all POLO EXPERT products. At this time, the Trakehner breed in Germany was on the verge of extinction. The breed was saved with great effort by enthusiasts who kept horses in their stables. Today, the sporty Trakehner horse is the national pride of Germany. And as a token of admiration, it was this breed that became the symbol of the brand and part of the corporate identity.

POLO EXPERT – quality without compromise

The POLO EXPERT brand was created on the principles of unified quality. This means that the properties of a particular oil do not depend on who it is addressed to: a car enthusiast or a professional, a European or an Asian consumer. Therefore, the manufacturer AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH does not distinguish between professional and non-professional products. They may differ in the purpose of the degree of impact, but not in quality.

The high quality level of POLO EXPERT is achieved through the use of advanced European technologies, the latest developments and careful quality control. Fruitful cooperation with leading additive manufacturers allows us to produce lubricants that meet the requirements of modern cars.

POLO EXPERT oils are produced in one of the most modern plants in the world. To offer the ideal product line, we give our clients a wide range of choices:

- motor oils for cars
- motor oils for commercial vehicles
- oils for four-stroke and two-stroke engines
- transmission oils
- brake fluids
- antifreezes
- special purpose products

The POLO EXPERT brand has an exclusive recognizable packaging design, an expressive logo and proven product quality. All POLO EXPERT products are made exclusively in Germany. Our own modern plant, located in the city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, manufactures products for the whole world, which is an important advantage over others, as it allows us to maintain a consistently high level of quality with German pedantry, not only of the products themselves, but of all processes.