Motor oil 15W-40 OPTIMAL

Packing name: 1L
Packing name: 4L

High-quality motor oil. Designed for multi-valve gasoline and diesel engines of light vehicles and vans with and without turbocharging, including those with a catalyst, equipped with dual modes of operation gasoline-gas, diesel-gas. Unique additive packages provide stable operation, cleanliness and lubrication of gas engines (LPG, CNG). Excellent oxidation stability and powerful detergent additives guarantee maximum engine cleanliness, remove carbon deposits, sludge and prevent their further formation. It is  universally applicable for a mixed fleet. It is based on top-grade base oils, with a natural high viscosity index, complemented by a complex of carefully selected additives that provide very high engine performance and comprehensive protection over a very wide range of operating temperatures and in all types of vehicle operation, like in urban cycle with frequent stops and starts, and when transporting goods or towing a trailer